Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sungrow inverters successfully connected to medium voltage grid in Germany

 Sungrow Power Supply Co,. Ltd. announced its four projects has been successfully connected to the gird respectively with different EPCs from July to September 2012, and so far this is Sungrow’s best shot as of entering the German market since 2010. The reference projects as following: 

  • Project Hottinger, Location: Königsbach, Power Output: 58 KWp
  • Project Hanni Linda, Location: Jüterbog, Power Output: 675KWp 
  • Project Moosburg S&R, Location: Moosburg, Power Output:140KWp
  • Project Geltinger PV Anlage, Location: Dessau-Roßlau, Power output: 360KWp

As the largest PV market in the world, Germany always attracts the global attention by its pioneer spirit and top level standards among this industry, especially the German BDEW directive which is a recognized high threshold with a number of technical requirements to the performance of inverters. As a result of BDEW becoming the compulsory market access standard, Sungrow’s R&D team had developed targeted research scheme and co-operated with related German partners to enhancing R&D strength and making breakthrough by teamwork. Since May 2012, Sungrow meets for its product family SG10/12/15/20KTL with output-power of 10kW to 20kW, the German BDEW requirements for medium-voltage as well as VDE AR-N4105 for low-voltage. And Sungrow is the first Chinese enterprise owns both the two certificates.
Together with the partner companies Solare-Datensysteme, Meteo-Control,Skytron and Papendorf-SE can all control functions be implemented which could be required by the utility companies. As a further success, Sungrow has been the product portfolio of two the largest PV-System integrators in Germany, IBC and Krannich.
Mr. Cao Renxian, CEO of Sungrow, said, “These projects are good examples of how Sungrow is helping European solar projects to save cost and maximize efficence. We are continuing to be the one of the fast growth inverter manufacturer and to improve our solution which offer maximum energy harvesting for our customers.”

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