Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How Does Solar Work?

This illustration shows a grid connected solar system during peak sunlight hours. Producing enough electricity for the household, and feeding any surplus power back onto the main grid.
  1. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panel array producing DC current
  2. Inverter creating 240v AC. Providing power for houshold appliances and feeding surplus power through meter to the grid.
  3. Electricity meter
  4. Power lines, aka the grid
During the sunlight hours, the system feeds any surplus power onto the grid, this offsets the amount of power you take from the grid. The more electricity you produce, and the less you use, the more you save.
At night, the system automatically draws the electricity you need from the grid. This forwards and backwards flow of electricity is completely automatic, and provides a smooth, uninterrupted flow of power for your household.
Grid connected solar power is for areas with existing, or affordable, access to the main grid. For safety reasons, it can not provide back up power during blackouts. Back up options are available if required.

The Benefits

Clean, renewable power for your home

  • Power is generated from a free, limitless resource, the sun
  • Solar panels produce emission free power
  • Solar power works silently, and has no moving parts
  • Solar power can supplement, provide all, or more, than your household electrical needs
  • Extra solar panels and additional back up options can be added later as demand or budget grows

Designed, tested, and built, to last a life time

  • Solar panels are incredibly durable.
  • Our manufacturers state that their panels will still be producing power at 80-90% capacity after 20–30 years
  • Our panels carry 25yr manufacturer warranties

Income generation

  • A grid connected solar system pays itself off
  • Feed in tariffs- an extra rate is now payed for renewable energy fed into the grid

Price protected power

  • Protect yourself from the inevitable rise in power prices

Generous Government incentives

  • Solar power generation also earns you money by way of Renewable Energy Certificates. A Government developed scheme, providing payment for renewable energy producers


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