Friday, October 25, 2013

Green Energy incentive for budget 2014

In tabling the 2014 Budget in the Dewan Rakyat today, he said the government was committed to providing a clean, safe, and healthy environment for the present and future generations.
Among the programmes to be implemented towards this end are the National Carbon Reporting Programme or MyCarbon by the corporate sector, establishment of a National Conservation Trust Fund for conservation of degraded areas and permanent forest reserves, as well as natural resource management.
"To strengthen development of green technology, the government will provide investment tax allowance for the purchase of green technology equipment and income tax exemption on the use of green technology services and system," he said.
Najib, who is also Finance Minister, said to encourage a green lifestyle, the Malaysian Green Foundation would be established to promote and enhance the use of green technology by the corporate sector and the general public.
"For this, a launching grant of RM15 million will be provided to the foundation," he added.
On efforts to improve efficiency and electricity energy conservation, he said, the government would undertake energy audits as well as install retrofit in ministry buildings.
For 2014, five ministries, namely the Health Ministry, Youth and Sports Ministry, Human Resource Ministry, Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry and the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry had been identified for implementation of the initiative, he added.
Apart from that, he said, the government would also install solar panels on rooftops of ministry buildings as well as replace existing lights with LED lights in stages. -- BERNAMA

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Axpert KS 1KVA/2KVA/3KVA/4KVA/5KVA Inverter
This is a multi-function inverter/charger, combining functions of inverter, solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size. Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.

Axpert MKS 1KVA/2KVA/3KVA/4KVA/5KVA Inverter
Axpert MKS. Is equipped with MPPT solar charge controller to maximize and regulate DC power from the solar array for the charging the battery bank. Transformerless design provides reliable power conversion in compact size. Besides, it’s worry-free to start up motor-type loads such as refrigerators, motors, pumps, compressors and laser printers as well as electronic loads like TV’s, Computers, power tool and battery chargers.

Axpert MKS Plus 2KVA/3KVA Inverter
Axpert MKS plus is similar to Axpert MKS series but with bigger MPPT solar charge controller. Besides, it’s worry-free to start up motor-type loads such as refrigerators, motors, pumps, compressors and laser printers as well as electronic loads like TV’s, Computers, power tool and battery chargers.

Monday, October 14, 2013

IGEM 2013

Dear Sir & Madam

We would like to thank you for spending your time visiting our booth in IGEM 2013 exhibition. It was our pleasure and honour to have you visited our booth and products. Because of your visiting, we had a great success exhibition.

If there are any needs of our products or services, please feel free to contact with us by email anytime. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Due to the schedule was very tight during the show; we could not particularly introduce ourselves. Now, allow me introduce ourselves as below

BOS ASIA was established in 2011 and we have our professional personnel with more than 10 years experienced in AC/DC system .
We not only sell our products in Malaysia but to others South East Asia country . We will start up the Sungrow service center and stockist  in Malaysia
By end of 2013.

We are distributor/exclusive distributor for the following products in SEA region:

1.      Sungrow – solar inverter
2.      Selco – Solar inverter
3.      Ginlong-Solar inverter
4.      Kinve solar – Module
5.      Trina Solar – Module
6.      BOS Elite Tubular skylight /Attic Fan
7.      BOS Voltronics – off grid / Hybrid inverter
8.      BOS Sunsource – customized off grid /Hybrid system
9.      Daewoo- solar battery
10. Fiamm – Battery

Thanks & Regards 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Interested to be our reseller please contact us at:

SolaPalm Lighting Solution
SolaPalm is a portable solar lighting solution. This product is capable of lighting 3 energy saving bulbs, charging 3 mobile phones and running a DC fan at the same time. It is also compatible with PV modules to utilize sun power. If sun energy is not sufficient, it still can charge battery with the AC utility. Built-in with external battery, SolaPalm can extend backup time for longer power running. It is perfect choice for emergent lighting, house lighting, camping, Hawker/Street Vendor or street lighting in remote village.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Selco Inverter distributor in Malaysia & SEA

STL series
·         MPPT input range: 100-550Vdc (maximum 600V). This mean that the inverter starts with very few light on the PV plant (Starts early in the morning and power off lates in the evening = more energy day by day).
·         the two MPPTs can work independently and also with an unbalanced power (70%-30% so you can fit every kind of plant)
·         Graphical colour display (User friendly)  
·         Datalogger already inside (Memory: data saving every 5 minutes about last 3 years)
·         All the data is available also during the night (the P.O. display insted is off after sunset)  
·         Easy software updating  by USB stick
·         STL Energy Controller function free of charge (For a synergy with heating pump system)
·         Monitoring system integrated on the inverter (IP 65 grade,  no external box needs)

TTL series
·         Very High peak effeciency: 98.6%.
·         Very small case (just 37x76x18.5cm  for a 10Kw machine.  The smallest inverter category!)
·         Very light (Just 25 Kg for the TTL1020)

·         Complete power range coverage (from 6Kw to 18Kw) 

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