Monday, September 30, 2013

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SolaPalm Lighting Solution
SolaPalm is a portable solar lighting solution. This product is capable of lighting 3 energy saving bulbs, charging 3 mobile phones and running a DC fan at the same time. It is also compatible with PV modules to utilize sun power. If sun energy is not sufficient, it still can charge battery with the AC utility. Built-in with external battery, SolaPalm can extend backup time for longer power running. It is perfect choice for emergent lighting, house lighting, camping, Hawker/Street Vendor or street lighting in remote village.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Selco Inverter distributor in Malaysia & SEA

STL series
·         MPPT input range: 100-550Vdc (maximum 600V). This mean that the inverter starts with very few light on the PV plant (Starts early in the morning and power off lates in the evening = more energy day by day).
·         the two MPPTs can work independently and also with an unbalanced power (70%-30% so you can fit every kind of plant)
·         Graphical colour display (User friendly)  
·         Datalogger already inside (Memory: data saving every 5 minutes about last 3 years)
·         All the data is available also during the night (the P.O. display insted is off after sunset)  
·         Easy software updating  by USB stick
·         STL Energy Controller function free of charge (For a synergy with heating pump system)
·         Monitoring system integrated on the inverter (IP 65 grade,  no external box needs)

TTL series
·         Very High peak effeciency: 98.6%.
·         Very small case (just 37x76x18.5cm  for a 10Kw machine.  The smallest inverter category!)
·         Very light (Just 25 Kg for the TTL1020)

·         Complete power range coverage (from 6Kw to 18Kw) 

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