Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Off-Grid Solar Energy System with Battery Backup

This type of system is for those who truly want energy independence.
It is completely independent of the electric utility grid. It is also very valuable in remote areas where there are no existing power lines. For this reason, off-grid systems are very popular in mountain and forests areas, for cabins or homes that are far away from the electrical grid. It has all of the features and benefits of a standard grid-tied system, but with the additional benefit of uninterruptible power.
The battery backup will ensure that you have electricity for critical loads in when the sun is down or blocked by clouds. When the optional backup generator is added, you are truly protected against nearly any catastrophic situation. There is also a optional DC hookup, which means you can use DC appliances and power devices.

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  1. Besides energy performance certificate in sale and rental of residential buildings that directive also mandates that new homes an EPC must be made. Certain public buildings larger than 1000 square meters and frequently visited by the public, will need to have an EPC and hang it on a publicly visible. Also on sale of non-residential buildings is an EPC required.


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