Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Leadsun Pbox RHEA UP series LED street light

RHEA UP series LED street light with integrated rechargeable battery is designed for replacement of conventional solar street light. Some of the conventional solar street lights, unfortunately, stop working far more earlier than their lifespan claimed due to adopt unsuited lead acid battery or controller or luminaire while their solar panel is still good. To ensure minimum cost for replacement, the RHEA UP series are designed to integrate LiFePO4 battery, LED light and charging controller into a slim cabinet. The wide input range(18~36V) are compatible with the most of existing solar panel’s voltage. Simply take off the existing light fixture and connect existing solar panel to RHEA UP to finish replacement. RHEA UP series are ideal products for upgrading any existing solar light installed but not working well.

Features and Benefits

  • CREE high power LED that initial light efficiency is above 180lm/W and the fixture complete luminous efficiency achieves 150lm/W.
  • Full cutoff design to eliminate glare interference and meet requirements of lighting regulations.
  • Large volume LiFePO4 battery that will provide power for 3~4 days autonomy.
  • Waterproof with excellent heat dissipation.
  • Three years warranty.


For both upgrading existing solar street light and new solar lighting project.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


EO TYPE 2 Charging cable range 3.6kw to 22kw
Travel Type 2 to Type 2 - 5 metre - BLACK
Travel Type 2 to Type 2 - 3.5 metre
Travel Type 2 to Type 2 - 5 metre
Travel Type 2 to Type 2 - 7.5 metre
Travel Type 2 to Type 2 - 10 metre
Travel Type 2 to Type 2 - 5 metre - BLACK

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Hoymiles monitoring server collects and stores the performance data of microinverter through DTU via internet, which provides the module level smart monitoring. Customer can login the server through browsers to check the erformance of PV system. Maintenance staff can use the server to maintain the system remotely, e.g. troubleshooting, upgrading the firmware of DTU and microinverters, which ensures the reliability of the system.




                                                     Eolev type with tethered 5m Cable

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Installation in Sungai Chua Kajang in last August 2017 X5CN30W X 6 units with light poles 7 meter height 


Malaysia Distributor for EO EV Charging range 3.6kw to 22kw 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Massive 455MW Solar Farm in India Now Operational With Trina Solar's PV Modules

Trina Solar’s PV modules have commenced operations in a 455MW DC solar power plant in Andhra Pradesh developed by SB Energy, a joint venture between SoftBank Group, Bharti Enterprises and Foxconn Technology Group. This is the largest single order that Trina Solar has ever closed in India.
The PV modules supplied for this project were TALLMAX 72-cell polycrystalline panels. TALLMAX modules are recognised by industry professionals for their proven historical performance in the field and the high quality standard. It is one of the industries most trusted products for large-scale solar projects.
The plant, commissioned on March 29, 2017 was designed and developed by SB Energy using the latest technology of module cleaning, site maintenance and security from global best practices. It has the capacity to produce clean electricity for over 700,000 Indian households.
Mr Jifan Gao, Chairman and CEO of Trina Solar said: “We are proud to be the trusted partner of SB Energy for its first large-scale solar project in Andhra Pradesh. This is part of our continued effort to contribute to India’s national target of 100GW of solar generation capacity by 2022. We are committed to working with SB Energy in meeting the country’s energy demands through clean sources and building a green and sustainable environment.”

Monday, July 24, 2017

Off Grid system

25W & 40W solar panels

Application :
1. Picnic Grounds & Courtyards
2. Sheltered & BBQ Area
3. Stairwell & Exit area
4. No access to Power
5. Toilet blocks
6. Paths & Laneways
7. School
8. Guardhouse
9. Bustand
10. Road sign

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