Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sungrow Supplies String Inverters to China Solar's 2.4MW PV Plants in Germany

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd, recently announced that they supplied their string inverters to the 2.4MW PV plants developed, designed and built by China Solar in Germany.

China Solar chooses Sungrow, a leading provider of renewable energy and the largest Asian producer of inverters, as their preferred supplier due to its high quality products and excellent cost performance ratio. The string inverters can be used very flexibly because of their low weight and wide electrical parameters, fitting to various plant layouts on the electrical and geometric design. This 2.4MW project chose Sungrow’s 20kW inverter which is flexibly set with dual-MPPT, and its max efficiency could reach 98.0%. This low power product is widely applied in ground-based or rooftop PV plants all around the world without considering the external environment on account of its reliable quality and excellent performance, and makes great contribution to the stable operation and high yield of those plants.

“Sungrow supplied a full system solution from the DC-side of the solar inverter toward the medium-voltage grid feed-in side. This strongly helped China Solar to streamline their planning and supply process.” Mr. Li Wang, the project manager from China Solar, introduced.

Mr. Raymond Wong, VP of Sungrow, commented:”This PV plant was built on a rugged ground which brought multiple angles to the modules layout, while this was no need to worry about because Sungrow’s 20kW PV inverters could help the plant make the highest yield owing to their moderate power and dual-MPPT. We are very pleased to collaborate with China Solar, and we believe that they are utterly satisfied due to the guaranteed high yield and reliability of Sungrow’s products. Sungrow is looking forward to deliver more and better PV power generating equipments and system solutions into the developed renewable energy markets and other emerging ones.”

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